About Crista Chemical Company LLC

Crista Chemical Company, LLC is an inventor of new technologies and manufacturer of the "end products" based on Turbo-Metal Technologies comprised of titanium, titanium alloys and other nanomaterials. The main goal of our technologies is solving problems of weight, corrosion, and green replacement of toxic metals-Cadmium. 3C provides a variety of products to consumer markets such as automotive, air travel, or personal protection industry. Our proprietary technologies set Crista Chemical Company, LLC apart from the competition by offering unique products with unsurpassed qualities.

Titanium electroplating technology was developed by the group of Engineers and PhD scientists of Crista Chemical Company LLC. (2010-2011) The business - Crista Chemical Company LLC was primary established in 1999 at Farmington Hills, Mich., where the original concept and the formula of titanium plating was first invented by the members of 3C. The current members of the organization are highly educated (PhD's) with over 15 years of experience on average at the university and business environment.

Crista Chemical Company LLC, with its Turbo-Metal Technologies is a leading high-performance component supplier of titanium covered materials and nanomaterials to a variety of consumer products industries. 3C patented technology offers significant advantages over existing technologies in tensile strength and cost of the components. Our advantage rests on our unique intellectual property portfolio with patents that protect both products and processes invented by its employee and virtual lack of competition in the titanium product field. Our direct clients are the consumer product companies that need titanium-covered products to fulfill important needs. Our applications can be utilized in commercial as well as defense industry products. We are focused on three areas: novel materials for next generation batteries, armored shields and reinforced consumer products such as wheelchairs.

For more information regarding 3C please contact Chase R. Goodman at cgoodman@cristachemical.com, office phone 619-596-4686 or cell 612-220-7428